Cosmetology Course Theory Subject

•Professional Image
•Hygiene and Good Grooming
•Visual Poise
•Personality Development
•Sterilization and Sanitation (Decontamination & Infection Control)
•Shampooing, Rinses, Conditioning and Draping
•Scalps and Hair Treatments
•Manicuring and Pedicuring
•Sculpture Nails – Tips
•Artificial Nails
•Hair Cutting
•Finger Waving and Hair Styling
•Care and Styling of Wigs
•Permanent Waving
•Chemical Hair Relaxing
•Soft Curl/Permanent
•Electricity and Light Therapy
•Theory of Massage
•Facial Treatments
•Facial Makeup
•Hair Coloring and Lightening
•Removing Unwanted Hair
•Thermal Hair Straightening (Hair Pressing)
•Thermal Waving & Curling
•The Hair
•The Nail
•Nail Disorders
•The Salon Business
•Oklahoma Cosmetology Law (Rules and Regulations and State Board)

Curriculum / Cosmetology Course – 1500 Clock Hours

Subject Hours
Theory 150
Manicuring and Pedicuring 90
Facials (includes Makeup) 30
Scalp Treatments 30
Shampooing/Conditioning and Rinses 60
Hair Styling, including Finger Waving, the dressing of Wigs, Thermal and Blow Drying 390
Hair Coloring, Tints and Bleaching, and other Color Treatments 120
Hair Cutting and Hair Shaping with Shears and Thinning Shears, Razor and Clippers (includes Beard Trimming) 180
Lash and Brow Tinting and Arching 30
Personality, Shop Management and unassigned hours for Review, Examinations, etc. 180
Hair, Restructuring/Permanent Waving and Chemical Hair Relaxing 240
Total Cosmetology Course Clock Hours Normal completion time is 60 weeks. 1500

Itemized List Of Training Kit And Books


Salon Essentials Theory Textbook – Pivot Point

Salon Essentials Exam Review Work Book – Pivot Point

Salon Fundamentals Study Guide – Pivot Point

Training Kit:

2 Lab Jackets1 Color Smock1 Box Roller Clips12 Doz. Rollers2 Shampoo Capes1 Manicure Polish Kit

1 Cuticle Scissor

1 Metal Cuticle Pusher

1 Nail Brush

1 Orangewood Stick

2 Hair Lifts

1 Hair Shaper (Razor)

1 Hair Blender ( Thinners)

12 Styling Combs

1 Blow Dryer

2 Vent Brushes

2 Manikins

2 Curling Irons

1 Flat Iron

1 Carrying Case1 Dozen Duckbills1 Box Pin Curl Clips1 Pair Gloves1 Nail Clipper1 Sculpture Nail Kit

1 Cuticle Nipper

1 Package Nail Smooth Buffers

1 Box Emery Boards

1 Tangle(Rinse) Comb

1 Spatula

2 Hair Cutting Shears

12 Hair Brushes

1 Tweezers

Tunnel Brushes

1 Package End Papers

1 Manikin Holder

1 Electrical Clipper

1 Clipper Comb


Tuition and Fees Cost $
Tuition $13,000
Enrollment and Application  Fee $200
Books and Kit $2,000
Total Tuition and Fees $15,200

This fee may be paid in full on date of enrollment or on Payment Plan (time payment in advance) of $1,285.00 down payment and (11) eleven payments (payable monthly) of $1,265.00 each, or down payment and Financial Aid in place.