Manicurist Course – 600 Clock Hours

Subject Hours
Bacteriology, Sterilization and Sanitation 40
Nail Structure, Composition, Disorders and Diseases 60
Manicuring and Pedicuring (includes related waxing or other non-permanent hair removal) 160
Artificial Nails 160
Nail Art 60
Salon Development: (includes business administration and law, Insurance, professional ethics, record keeping, business telephone techniques, salesmanship, displays and advertising, hygiene and public health) 80
Cosmetology Law, Rules and Regulations 40
Total Manicurist Course Clock Hours Normal Completion time is 25 weeks 600

Itemized List Of Training Kit And Books

Miladys Nail Technology Textbook
Miladys Nail Technology Workbook
Miladys Nail Technology State Board Review

Training Kit:

2 Uniform Smocks
1 Manicure Polish Kit
1 Jel Nail Kit
1 Toe Nail Nipper
1 Small Cuticle Clipperbr /> 1 Cuticle Scissors
3 Practice Fingers
1 Tweezers
1 Finger Bowl
3 Sculpture Nail Brushes
1 Pumice Stone
1 Chamois Buffer
2 Sculpture Nail Buffers
1 Package Toe Separators
1 Package Small Emery Boards
1 Pair Safety Glasses
1 Carrying Case
1 Nail Wrap Kit
1 Sculpture Nail Kit
1 Tip Clipper
1 Large Cuticle Clipper
1 Callous Remover Pad
1 Finger Swivel
2 – 2 Ounce Bottles For Liquids
3 Orangewood Sticks
3 Dappen Dishes
2 Sterilizer Jars
1 Three Way Buffer
1 Metal Pusher
1 Metal File
1 Package Large Emery Boards
1 Manicure Brush


Tuition and Fees Cost $
Tuition $5,600
Enrollment and Application Fees $200
Books and Kit $1,490
Total Tuition and Fees $7,290

This fee may be paid in full on date of enrollment or on Payment Plan (time payment in advance) of $1,458.00 down payment and (4) four payments (payable monthly) of $1,458.00 each, or down payment and Financial Aid in place.